An Agile coach with a passion for Agile way of life.

About 7 years into my professional life, and I was given a challenge. I was offered the role of a Scrum Master. All my prior experience was either as an individual team member, or, purely as a people manager. This was something new, and different. Instead of calling out that I had an impediment, I had to, now, collect and resolve impediments.

My first few months, I sucked at it. The team was still understanding agile, and all the gyan I was trying to give them was not helping. It was becoming too much of a challenge. I was unable to understand why the team was not able to practice Agile.

At one point, it dawned on me that giving gyan to the team will not take them (or me) anywhere. More so, when the team is not aware of the Agile way of life.


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